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Solicitor and Client Disputes

Our knowledge and experience mean that we are often instructed to deal with solicitor and client disputes.We act in disputes arising between solicitor and client, negotiating and mediating a mutually agreeable outcome or acting in Solicitors Act proceedings, where statutory time limits, conduct and the 1/5th rule are key issues.

With a large number of fully qualified Costs Lawyers, all with rights of audience, we are uniquely placed to provide a complete range of services in these disputes up to and including representation at Court.

We are renowned for our attention to detail, our proactive approach to costs and our ability to give early valuable advice and evaluation to assist our clients in these difficult and often contentious disputes.


Philip Daval-Bowden (Managing Partner)

Tony Hale (Partner)

Thomas Spanyol (Partner)

Nigel Thurley (Consultant)

  • ACL

    Association of Costs Lawyers

    HM Court & Tribunal Service

    British and Irish Legal Information Institute

    Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • CJC

    Civil Justice Council

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