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Court of Protection

Masters have considerable experience in recovering the costs of appointed Deputies (and other parties in Court of Protection proceedings), assisting in balancing the interests of the Patient and ensuring just remuneration for this important area of work, including the costs of applications to both appoint and remove Deputies, the Deputy’s general management costs, statutory will applications and other declarations in relation to the patient’s personal and financial affairs.  We deliver quickly and efficiently providing a highly professional and dedicated service to our clients.  We are renowned for our attention to detail, our proactive approach to costs and our ability to give early advice and evaluation.  Our team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of working in this area and has recently been successful in justifying the recovery of City hourly rates in Court of Protection General Management work.


Tony Hale (Partner)

Sam Harper (Partner)

  • ACL

    Association of Costs Lawyers

    HM Court & Tribunal Service

    British and Irish Legal Information Institute

    Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • CJC

    Civil Justice Council

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