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Our Services

Our services are designed to be comprehensive and flexible.  Our aim is to be a valuable extension to our clients' litigation departments or legal teams to provide effective legal costs solutions and deliver the highest levels of client satisfaction.  With the Jackson reforms and an increasing volume of costs law and principles, it is essential for litigators and legal professionals to have immediate access to an experienced costs expert at all times for trusted legal costs advice.

The services we provide include dealing with day to day costs issues immediately by telephone and e-mail as well as acting on specific instructions and projects in respect of costs budgeting and the preparation and opposition of claims for costs. We provide clients with valuable advice and deliver Costs Seminars on a wide range of practice areas to ensure our clients are always up to date on developments in costs law and practice.  Our involvement and services can be tailored to your requirements.

Costs Budgeting and Management

With the introduction of costs budgeting, we offer a full costs budgeting and management service which includes the preparation of your original costs budgets; considering your opponent’s budget; preparing composite comparison tables; attending as advocate for costs management hearings and CMCs or preparing briefing notes for your advocate and monitoring costs incurred following the approval of your costs budget by the Court.

Security of Instructions

Our offices contain our own private designated DX collection and delivery office.

All of our costs consultants are based at our offices in Bishopsgate,  London.  Due to the sensitive nature of some of the work that we undertake, our offices are fully secured.  We do not outsource or sub-contract work to freelance costs draftsman.

  • ACL

    Association of Costs Lawyers

    HM Court & Tribunal Service

    British and Irish Legal Information Institute

    Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • CJC

    Civil Justice Council

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